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Being a Mother to Multiples

When you are a mom to twins, you are most definitely living an adventure. In fact, even though your life is incredibly abundant, it can also be stressful. When you have one child, you deal with a lot of crying as it is, losing sleep as well, and having a difficult time meeting all of the demands! When twins are involved, you are facing that twice as much. Therefore, moms and dads of multiples will be even more stressed than parenting two or three kids that are of different ages. That being said, there are ways to make the parenting experience to multiples a little easier. Let’s go over some tips for raising twins:

Ask for Help!

Trying to do everything all on your own is not the answer! Not only will you burn yourself out, but your twins will suffer as well. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to ask friends, family or even those at your local church, synagogue or mosque to lend a helping hand. Here are some ways that others can help you so you can catch a break, and become more efficient while raising your twins:

  •     Ask help for laundry
  •     They can cook you some meals
  •     They can help clean your home
  •     They’ll be happy to do the dishes

Even though it’s hard sometimes, whatever you do, ask for help. And if anyone offers you help, accept it because you NEED it.

Limit Television Time

This may sound strange however, television only adds noise and more noise increases your stress levels. Especially if your twins are not really watching the television. Therefore, allow them to watch one hour of television in the evening, and then have other activities lined up for them after that. Once the television is turned off, then you will no longer hear endless amount of noise and your twins will do something more productive with their time.

Create a Routine

This is one of the most important tips for raising twins to utilize. In fact, this particular tip is an extension of the tip written above. Kids absolutely need a routine to follow. It is easy for them, and less stressful on you if they are on a routine after school. Therefore, you can allow your multiples to wind down after school, and that is when they can watch television. After that will be dinner time, then after can be homework or them doing an activity to strengthen their minds. Then they will take a bath, and then after that will be bedtime.

Of course, the routine will vary especially if the kids have extracurricular activities, or if there is a family function that will disrupt the pattern. However, if the twins are kept on a routine most of the time- it will keep stress levels down on all ends!

Encourage the Twins to do Chores

This is one of the best tips for raising twins to utilize that will help you keep stress levels down, while the kids are learning important life skills and responsibility. You can have your twins help out with the chores as young as two years old. They can learn to clean up after themselves. For instance if they drop Cheerios by accident on the kitchen floor, they can clean it up themselves instead of you doing it for them. They can learn to clean their toys up as well.

Once they are older, they can help with vacuuming, dusting, sweeping the floors, and helping you put the groceries away.

Take Advantage of ME Time

It is essential for moms of multiples (or not!) to go out and have time alone, to themselves. That is the only way moms will not burn out, and their “me” time will help them recharge so they will be more prepared to handle stressful times. In fact, these moms really need to take a few hours in a week to be away from the twins, and from other responsibilities. Here are some “ME time” ideas:

  •     A day at the spa
  •     Enjoying a cup of coffee at Starbucks
  •     Going to the bookstore to read a book
  •     Spend time outdoors if it is a mild or warm day
  •     See some friends
  •     Go out for a “date night” 

The list goes on for ideas to use when it is time for recharging so burnout doesn’t happen.

Being a parent to multiples is tough! However, if the tips for raising twins (or triples, and so on) are utilized regularly, the job will be made somewhat easier, and a lot more manageable. Parents of twins and multiples are most definitely living a rich and busy life!

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