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You have to agree with the fact that parenting is the toughest job around and there is no such thing as the right way. As long as you are giving your children love, attention, feeding them, cleaning them, making sure their medical needs are met and nurturing them in any way you can- you are doing a great job! Being the “perfect” parent is not reality!

That said, this is why this parents hack blog is here- for you to get some tips and ideas to make parenting more effective if you fear that you aren’t doing enough (which you likely are). However, listed below are some tips on raising well rounded kids:

Kid- Proof Gadgets and PC

Back when we were kids, our parents would not have had a reason to kid-proof computers. They were more concerned about how to hide adult-themed VHS cassettes. The idea of that today seems harmless.

However, with the reality of social media being around which has been a link to cyberbullying, as well as now the deep and dark web which leads users to very disturbing places- it is essential to look into parental controls to PCs and devices. This way, all of the bad stuff that is online will be blocked and hidden from your child. Since it is a huge problem that families are facing today, it had to be the number one tip on this parents hack blog.

Making Traveling Easier

One of the most stressful things about parenting is traveling with kids. Your kids could suddenly start fussing on car-rides, and even worse- airplanes! Not only is it stressful for you, but the other passengers will understandably become annoying which will add more stress to you!

In order to reduce the odds of a tantrum breaking out on a plane or on a long car ride, there are tips you can use:

  •     Stay calm. When your child is upset on a plane or car ride, you will also become agitated. It is imperative to stay calm by taking deep breaths, counting to 10, or whatever works for you. If you are upset, your child will become even more upset.
  •     Tire your child out before the trip. If your child is worn out before leaving for a big trip, he or she will likely fall asleep and have a nap. That would refresh your child, and therefore the mood will be better later on.
  •     Sit together as a family. If you are on a plane, make sure you are all sitting together as a family. Otherwise if your child is seated by strangers, that will make him or her uncomfortable. Then you can guarantee a crying spell will be on the way.
  •     Bring distracting toys, Make sure you bring your kids’ favorite toys on any long car ride or on the plane. That will likely help keep your child’s mood better.
  •     Bring snacks on board. Kids may act up because they are hungry. Therefore, always bring snacks, and trail-mixes are good. So are crackers, goldfish, and nuts if there are no allergies. Keep in mind to limit the sugary snacks as that could make your kids even more hyper which would defeat the purpose.

Say the Right Things to your Kids

We will always say things to kids that may inadvertently upset them because we are not perfect. If we are having a bad day, it is possible we could say something hurtful to our kids without meaning to. Just keep in mind, kids take what their parents say seriously and may even have an affect on them for life.

If you inadvertently snap at your kids due to having a stressful time due to work, or dealing with a sick parent (being the sandwich generation brings on a new level of complications), be sure to apologize to your children right away. Explain why you are edgy as your kids will feel better with an apology.

However, on the flip side even though it is always best to be positive and encouraging to our kids- always give them constructive feedback if needed. This way they will also learn good life skills. Never imply that your kids are “perfect” either otherwise they may end up growing up to have narcissistic tendencies. Always remember this tip from this parents hack blog. What you say to your kids could stick with them for life!

Give your Kids Healthy Snacks

Life is hectic, and that is what makes parenting even more complicated. To make it worse, kids can be very picky eaters. However, there are plenty of ideas for healthy snacks that they will likely enjoy that don’t have too much sugar, and that are packed with nutrients. Some snack ideas are:

  •     Dried apples
  •     Dried bananas
  •     Celery and peanut putter
  •     Cucumber boats
  •     Trail mixes

They have some sugar, however they are also nutrient-rich, and delicious.

Teach your Kids About Money

There is a lot of debt in North America, as plenty of people are carrying too much credit card debt that they cannot pay off. This is preventable and you need to not only talk to your kids on how to budget and to manage money. However, you need to be a good role model.

Always pay your bills on time and don’t carry balances on credit cards if possible. Only purchase items that are needed, and save luxuries to be used for rewards. This is also way giving your children allowance is good. They will learn to work for money, and if they save a certain amount, then they can buy a toy.

The younger your kids learn about how to manage money, the more likely they will watch their finances and stay within their means as adults.

Make Time for your Kids

We are busy. Life consumes our times. We have to deal with work, bills to pay, grocery shopping, and possibly sick parents to care for. In other words, we may inadvertently not be giving kids the time they need from us.

You can easily make sure that you spend the much needed time with your kids by setting a time for you and for them to spend together. Spending quality time with your kids is a priority. If you set a time to only focus on your kids and not let anything else distract you, your kids will have the presence from you that they need. It will pay off for them later on and make them more secure adults.

As mentioned, kids do not come with instructions, so as parents we do our best with what we know. As long as they are cared for and loved properly, you are doing a fine job. However, there are always helpful tips to learn that can help your parenting experience. And this is why this helpful parents hack blog is here for you to gain those tips.

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