Christmas Dos & Don’ts – Holiday Safety Tips

Toddlers and small children absolutely love Christmas time, and who can blame them because the festivities are fun without the stress! Kids absolutely love the colorful decorations, the twinkling lights from a Christmas tree, as well as the presents which are a huge temptation.

However, the things that kids love also come with potential hazards. It is known for instance that toddlers and tree trimmings are a dangerous mix. The last thing you would want to happen during your holiday is a preventable disaster involving your child. Listed below are toddler safety tips. Here are a list of Christmas Do’s:

Always Buy Toys that Meet Safety Criteria

Your kids love Christmas because they know they will receive presents. That is their favorite part of the holiday and you want to make sure that they are not only getting toys they love but that meet the safety requirements. There are ways that you can be assured that you will be getting a safe toy for your little ones.

  •     Only buy from reputable retailers. Reputable retailers will take care of their products all year round. They will only sell toys that are made from known good quality brands. Therefore, these toys will be safe, and if any are defective they will replace it with a functional and safe toy for your child.
  •     Avoid markets or temporary shops. These type of shops usually sell toys that are illegally imported and they do not meet the strict safety criteria. In fact many times they sell counterfeit goods. They may be inexpensive, but they are illegal and will fail the safety requirements. Hence, they are dangerous for toddlers.

Always Keep the Area Around the Stairs Clear

This is a huge “Christmas Do” when it comes to being part of any toddler safety tips.  Always make sure that the stairs have no clutter around. Because children will rush around to find visitors, open their presents to play with their new toys. So make sure any objects are removed from the stairs that could potentially cause your little one fall down and injure him or herself! That would ruin the Christmas holiday for the family.

Keep Kids Out of the Kitchen

Because the kitchen is the most hectic place on Christmas Day while you’re trying to finish cooking. It’s important to keep your little ones away while preparing Christmas dinner and the trimmings. Because one in ten children encounter terrible accidents that only happen in the kitchen such as being burned and scalded near a hot oven or stove or cut by a sharp knife.

Hang Fragile Ornaments Out of Reach

You are going to have ornaments that have meaning to you, and they are likely quite fragile. You must hang those ones on the higher part of the tree where your toddler cannot reach them. Otherwise, if they break the glass pieces will cut your child, and least of all you will no longer have those meaningful ornaments.

It is recommended to hang large ornaments that are made of wood or material that is childproof lower so your toddler can touch them without you having to worry.

Mentioned above were a list of “Christmas Do’s”, but below are a list of “Christmas Don’ts” as part of these toddler safety tips.

Allowing Trees to Tip

When Christmas trees are tipping, they are not only inconvenient but they are dangerous. Especially since they can easily fall on your toddler and cause injury. Always keep Christmas trees upright by using a sturdy base that is at least the half of the width of the three. Then be sure to add a running string from the upper trunk to a sturdy picture hook on the wall for extra support. This way, your tree will stay upright if the kids tug on it.

Not Being Mindful in Regards to Size of Ornaments or Toys

Small ornaments and toys are choking hazards because if the toddler swallows them, they will get lodged in the throat which means you will be spending the holiday in the ER. Therefore, make sure toys and ornaments are large, as the objects will have safety labels on them as well so you will know which ones to purchase.

Loose with Lights

Lights that are loose and that are tempting for children to grab will be hazardous as a fire could be started or they could even strangle your child. Therefore, wrap light strands tightly around the tree trunk so they are out of reach. A powerstrip is also a consideration when it comes to using multiple strands. And be sure to check that lights are well secured with intact bulbs on pre-lit artificial trees.

Here are also a list of Christmas Don’ts when it comes to guests coming over for the holiday:

  •     Not being careful with candles as kids can touch them if they are close in reach.
  •     Keeping medicines near the hands of kids. Lock them away, always.
  •     Keeping alcohol within reach.

You always want to have a Christmas to remember in a positive way. There are so many potential holiday hazards that parents will not automatically consider since they will be busy and distracted with planning. When going by the toddler safety tips mentioned in this article, you will have the best odds of enjoying your Christmas holiday without having to worry!

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