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Crib Climbing Hazards – When is it Time to Switch to the “Big Kid” Bed

You have a baby that is almost 2 years old, and your child is getting bigger to the point that you fear they could fall out of their crib. This concerns you, but it is a natural part of a child’s development and therefore you are looking for information that could provide you transitioning to toddler bed advice.

The fact of the matter is, even though your toddler may be getting too big to stay in a crib – there are no real rules as to when to make the transition to a bed from a crib. However, most parents do transition their toddlers from their cribs to a big kid bed from the ages of 18 to 36 months of age. Some children handle the transition well, and others have a difficult time. Listed below are pointers on when making the big move is best for their kids:

The Use of a Crib Tent

When parents are searching for transitioning to toddler bed advice, they are terrified of the changes that are about to happen. The transition not only affects the child, but the parents too.

Even though some parents feel that an early transition is good because it may help encourage confidence as well as independence, other parents are not in a rush. They would prefer to make the change as late as possible, and make the move when they intuitively feel that their child is ready to undergo a huge change.

However, even though these parent who prefer to wait understand that there are hazards that come with delaying the move- they look into crib tents. There are pros and cons of using a crib tent.

Pros of crib tents

Crib tents are effective in regards to keeping the toddler in the crib, therefore it successfully prevents him or her from climbing out.

Cons of crib tents

Some experts have stated that crib tents are hazardous when it comes to getting your child out of the crib if an emergency were to ever happen. There are different types of crib tents and before purchasing one, be sure to get all of the facts as much as you can.

The General Rule to go by When Transitioning your Toddler from Crib to Bed

When parents are looking for transitioning to toddler bed advice, they know they will be in for a difficult time. Especially if they have been resorting to crib tents, as they cannot be used forever. When you are making any kind of big change, there will be stress. Moving your child from a crib to a “big kid” bed is a huge change to go through, not just for the child but for the parents.

Due to the fact that this move is so stress provoking, many parents do delay the transition. However, there are general rules to go by when it comes to the right time to move your child into a bed.

  • The toddler needs to be moved to a bed when he or she is 3 feet tall. When your child is that tall, he or she will have a greater chance of climbing out of the crib. If that happens, your toddler can easily injure him or herself which can be avoided by making the transition.
  • When the side rails come up to less than 75% of your child’s height while standing in the crib. Again, the child can easily flip over the rail which could cause injury especially if he or she falls on his or her head on the floor. Even if your child that fell out is not hurt, he or she could roam around the house which in itself is a hazard while you are asleep.
  • If the child is potty-trained, the transition needs to happen.  If you have already potty-trained your child, moving him or her to a bed is recommended as well due to the fact that he or she will have easier access to the bathroom. You can also move your child to a bed if you plan on potty-training him or her in the nearer future. However, don’t make the transition during the time you are potty-training because all of that change will overwhelm your toddler, as well as yourself at once.

To sum up, there is no huge rush to move your toddler out of crib and into a bed if you are not prepared to make a change yourself. If you aren’t ready, your child won’t be too as he or she will pick up on your anxiety. That will make the change impossible.

If you suspect your toddler is getting too bed for a crib, you can always look into crib tents, but be aware at the same time they are not a permanent solution. Your child will become too big regardless. When you are making a huge change for your child, for yourself as well, always look for the best transitioning to toddler bed advice.

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