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Fall Fashion for Your Little Fashionistas

Gone are the days of rainbow rompers and your grandmother’s knitted sweaters. Toddler fashion nowadays focuses on the combination of adult style with childish flair. Imagine pint-sized pea-coats with sparkling flowers embellishing the pockets or felted hats with cats adorning the sides. This fall is no exception with fashion celebrating the marriage between mature and fanciful.

What’s the latest in toddler fall fashion? 

Toddler fashions are focused on heavier garments that are weather-appropriate such as denim, corduroy, velour, cashmere and cotton-blend knits. Heavier fabrics tend to reflect best the barren-treed, crisp-aired feeling of fall. These fabrics are easy to come by in fall. You can find them in the form of jackets, sweaters, scarves and other fashionable outerwear.

Colors also seem to be the focus this season, with a shift from typical oranges and browns. Deep red shades with rosy undertones add a depth of color and makes a stunning base for winter floral prints. Teals and bold blue-green tones provide a comfortable softness when paired with navy or an intense vibrancy when paired with white. Slate grey combined with the aforementioned hues lends to a perfect autumn combination that can be transferred to the chilly winter season with the addition of darker greys and other darker shades.

Shaggy knits, flannels and a generally slouchy softness are upcoming fall trends that segue nicely into the winter months. Look for sports-infused loungewear and anything with a cozy appeal. These lazy elements can be beautifully amplified with sparkles, glitter and shiny embellishments. The proper accessories have the power to liven up even the coziest of outfits.

Keeping your head, ears and face warm are another important part of bundling up this fall. Flowery headbands or cute little hats add a childish and playful touch to any fall outfit. We can’t forget the shoes! There are so many cute and comfortable options. There are the options of flats, boots and booties. Anything stylish as well as practical would be the perfect choice for fall footwear.

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When dressing your child in the latest fall fashions, remember that they are still children and each outfit should be comfortable and easy to play in. Most of all, they should reflect your child’s personality and allow them a means of expressing their creativity. If you’re looking for more tips on style and safety, follow us on Instagram (@peacefulparents_).

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