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Halloween Costume Related Injuries – How to Prevent Them

When we think of Halloween, we think of things that are scary – monsters, witches, ghosts, zombies – but these things are only pretend and are meant to be fun. There are real dangers that lurk on Halloween night that should truly frighten parents as they send their children out to Trick-or-Treat.

Every year, children are seriously injured by vehicular accidents, eye injuries and burns.Each of these risks can be addressed by proper selection of Halloween costumes. Here is a head-to-toe look at some Halloween costume safety tips:

  1. Masks – Masks have the potential of impairing your child’s vision, making them more susceptible to trips, falls and other injuries. Not being able to see clearly may also put your child in harm’s way of an oncoming vehicle. Opt for headpieces such as headbands and makeup to complete your child’s costume. Avoid items that will block their vision.
  2. Long, Flowing Costumes – Costumes that fall close to your child’s feet may also cause trips, falls and other injuries. Again, this may impede their ability to safely cross the street and could result in a pedestrian car accident. Costumes that flow are more likely to pass through open flames (such as Jack-O-Lanterns or Halloween bonfires) and catch fire. It is best to ensure that your child’s costume fits properly, does not interfere with walking and is completely fire-proof.
  3. Bright Colors – Visibility is extremely important when it comes to Trick-or-Treating since this activity tends to occur after it becomes dark. Most vehicular accidents involving children on Halloween night occur because their costumes were dark and they were not visible. Even if your child’s costume is a dark color, adding bright, reflective tape could be the difference in making them more visible to drivers. In addition, your child will be easy to see if they carry a lit flashlight with them.
  4. Sharp Accessories – What’s a pirate costume without a sword or a ninja costume without a weapon or two? Although prop weapons are fake they may still have sharp edges that, if involved in a fall, could lead to eye injuries or other puncture wounds. Make sure any accessories included with your child’s Halloween costumes has soft, safe edges.
  5. High Heels or Over-sized Shoes – Much like wearing costumes that are too long, ill-fitting and inappropriate footwear (such as heels for an activity that involves a lot of walking) may cause tripping and falling risks. Have your child wear well-fitting and comfortable footwear while trick-or-treating.

Halloween is meant to be a fun and exciting time of year for both parents and children alike. By following simple Halloween costume safety tips, you can make sure the event is safe as well. It only takes a small effort to ensure your child’s costume is safe and reducing the risk of injury is worth the time. For more parenting safety tips, connect with us on Instagram: @peacefulparents_ We’d love to hear from you!

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