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Importance of Swimming Lessons at a Young Age

Does your child know how to swim? While it may seem like a mundane and possibly unusable skill, there are some important benefits to having your child learn to swim at a young age. Apart from valuable health and social benefits, your child’s ability to swim may one day save their life. Read on to see why it is important that your child learn to swim.

  1. It’s a great social activity. Swimming is typically taught in group of people, so this is a great way for your child to meet other children and form common interests with peers. The younger you start your child in swimming lessons, the more equally skilled they will be with the other children. They will develop and learn swimming skills along with their peers.
  2. It’s a gateway skill to other sports and activities. Learning how to swim will open the doors for your child to potentially learn how to kayak, canoe or (depending on where you reside) surf. As well, swimming skills are useful if your child enjoys going to the beach, attends pool parties or goes out on a boat. Your child will be able to participate in a wide range of water activities while remaining safe. Several sports involving water are water polo, synchronized swimming, diving and of course competitive swimming. These are also great activities for your children to get involved in later on in life.
  3. It has numerous health benefits. Swimming has been shown to improve muscle tone and flexibility as well as strengthen the cardiovascular system. It does so through low-impact exercise, which is easier on the body and reduces the risk of movement-related injuries. In an age where are more inclined to sit than to move, it is important to find fun and exciting activities that motivates movement and exercise.
  4. It is a vital survival skill. You may be surprised to learn that between 2005 and 2014, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) reported an average of 3536 fatal unintentional drownings that were non-boating related annually in the US. About 1 in 5 of those people were children 14 years old or younger and for every child that dies, 5 are treated for nonfatal submersion injuries. A water injuries fact sheet can be viewed here.

These deaths and injuries can occur at the beach or at the pool even while supervised. Drowning incidents can happen so quickly – a child can drown and die in the amount of time it takes to answer the phone.

It’s scary, but preventable, by having your child learn to swim. Even with basic swimming skills, a child can potentially save themselves, or stay above water long enough to be saved, before a drowning can occur.

Swimming may be the last skill you believe is important to teach your child, but it is such a simple thing to learn that could save their life. Apart from being a survival skill, swimming is also a fun and social activity that has many other benefits. By learning how to swim, your child can stay safe, make friends and be healthy. For more information and other great parenting tips, check us out on Instagram: @peacefulparents_

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