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Kid Friendly Crafts – Handmade Holiday Gifts

Finding the right Christmas gifts can be challenging for families. In fact it is common for people get incredibly caught up with all the holiday season hype that tend to forget about the simple gifts that are truly meaningful. These gifts are the home holiday gifts for children to make for the rest of the family, as well as friends.

Easy homemade Christmas gifts hold a special meaning because they are created with love, which is what the holidays are all about.

There are plenty of fantastic holiday presents for kids to create for their loved ones.  All that is needed to make these easy homemade Christmas gifts are:

  •     The materials that needed to create the present.
  •     Your child’s imagination for what they want to create which will indicate the kind of materials needed.
  •     Markers, paper, and crayons for younger children since they love to draw masterpieces.

Now that you know what kind of materials to get for your kids to create their easy homemade Christmas gifts, you will want to choose a specific room in your home. That will become the portrait room where you can hang all the artwork they create over the holidays. When you show your appreciation of their kids’ handiwork,that in itself is an amazing gift you can give for your child.

Listed below are homemade Christmas gift ideas for your children to create:

A Creation of a Video

This gift does not involve crafts but either your iPhone or video equipment if you have that. Since most families have relatives who live in different states or even countries, many times they are unable to visit. That said, one of the best home holiday gifts for kids to create is a short video, and send them over to these loved ones who live far away.

They can either tell a story, or put on a play, or they can simply express their love while wishing them a happy holiday. Regardless of what kind of video they create, this kind of gift will be treasured for life.

A Collage of Special Moments or Book of Photos

One type of gift made by kids that will be treasured by loved ones is a collage of special moments they remember or a book of photos.

In order for your child to make either of those, allow him or her to go through photographs.  Give him or her the choice to  pick out the ones that brings back memories for them of something that made them happy.

They then can arrange these pictures in any way they choose that represents the most meaningful moments to them. This kind of gift would be great a parent, or for a close relative.

Homemade Cards and Ornaments

Kids can use their creativity if they prefer to make homemade cards and ornaments over making collages or photo books. They will have to think about what ornaments or how fancy they want to make their cards. Allow them to tell you what they have in mind. This way, you will have to make sure they have the right materials to create their cards and ornaments. Most materials that are needed to fit best with most homemade Christmas gift ideas are:

  •     Construction paper of all colors.
  •     Glue.
  •     Glitter.
  •     Tinsel
  •     Stickers
  •     Stencils.
  •     Markets, pencil crayons and crayons.
  •     Pompoms.
  •     Buttons.
  •     Pipe cleaners.
  •     Feathers.

There may be more to the list to add for kids to make their Christmas gifts. Many stores such as Target, Walmart and Michael’s Craft Store that will certainly carry materials that can be used when your kids are making their gifts.

Whatever gifts your kids decide to make, they are always so touching because they are from the heart and will touch your hearts. They will create something beautiful whether or not they end up using a suggestion of the homemade Christmas gift ideas in this article. May you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

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