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Outlet Covers to Prevent Accidental Electrocution

Have you ever wondered exactly what would happen if you stuck a metal object into an electrical outlet? Electricity operates by finding the quickest path to the ground, and courses through the human body in a matter of seconds. This occurrence is called electrical shock, or electrocution, and can cause minor to serious injury and even death.

Our curious little ones often wonder the same thing and they may seek the answer through experimentation. The sad truth is, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 2555 children are treated every year due to wall outlet shock accidents. These are just the ones that make it to the hospital and get reported. That is far too many children considering preventing this awful injury is quite simple.

Outlet Covers

Outlet covers are inexpensive, easy to find and simple to use. Most come with pieces too big for children to choke on and in neutral colors that will not attract your child to the outlet. They are also designed to be difficult to remove, even for adults, so that children cannot take them out and access the outlet.

Here are some examples of outfit cover styles you can use to ensure safety in your home:

  1. Press Plug Protectors: There are always the classic plug protectors that you simply push into the socket and pull out when you need to use the outlet. Some designs feature a pop-out tab that makes removal easier for parents yet difficult for children. They fit any standard outlet and are inexpensive.
  2. Electric Socket Protector Caps with Key: The required use of a key means that these protector caps cannot be pried off of outlets by older children. Simply keep the key out of reach of your child and remove the cap when the outlet is needed.
  3. Outlet and Plug Covers: Sometimes your safety need may not only entail covering the outlet but also protecting your child from the actual cord and plug as well. These covers enclose the entire outlet and plug so that your child cannot access either.
  4. Self Closing Outlet Covers: This entire safety plate is designed to replace the entire outlet plate and provides instant closure of the outlet when not in use. To use, simply place a plug against the closed outlet and slide to the right. When the plug is removed, the outlet is instantly closed again.

Taking simple measures such as covering your outlets with simple and inexpensive equipment can mean the difference for your little one’s safety and well-being. Want to hear more from us? Like us on Facebook (/peacefulparentsusa), follow us on Instagram (@peacefulparentsusa) and on Twitter (@parents_usa).

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