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Posting Pictures of Your Toddler on Social Media – Yes or No?

In this day and age of the internet and social media, parents of toddlers, babies, and older kids are frequently sharing pictures of their kids with their friends. This term is called sharenting, which means they are sharing their parenting lives with others online. You may have done the same thing because you are proud of your little one- and want the world to know how adorable and smart your child is. Of course, you would be because parents who are proud of their kids’ accomplishments want to share it with others. And the way it is done in this day and age is by sharing pictures of their kids online!

However, there are dangers of posting pictures online that many parents may not be aware of! This is the time to find out why it is not a good idea to share pictures of your kids no matter how proud you are of them.

Why Sharing Pictures of Your Toddler is Not Safe

There are several reasons why you will want to think twice about uploading a picture of your toddler on Facebook or Instagram and sharing it on there. Let’s go over them right now.

  • Lack of privacy. You may be thinking that the fact that there is no privacy online is not really a big deal since many other parents are sharing pictures of their kids all of the time. You may think that it is no different from any random stranger somewhere in-person meeting your child. There is a huge difference. If your child meets a random stranger with you around, that stranger won’t think twice about touching your child. A stranger who could have bad intentions that can see the picture of your child online will find a way to track your child down. Nothing is safe on the internet.
  • Pictures online are there to stay forever. Even if you delete pictures on your Facebook or Instagram accounts, they are still locked away in the deep web. Does that make you feel easy by knowing that there are still pictures of your kids online accessible even after you delete them?
  • Many people have bad intentions. This point goes back to the first one brought out, and this is one of the biggest dangers of posting pictures online- or it may be the biggest danger. Sure, there are predators that can see the pictures of your toddlers who can easily track them down. But, there are others out there who have bad intentions that may not be as serious as predators who are interested in your child. People have been known to steal pictures and use that as their own. How would you feel if you discovered that someone online had been using a picture of your toddler claiming it was theirs? You would be not only disturbed but be feeling quite violated.

After reading this, you are probably terrified and want to delete every picture of your toddler on Facebook or Instagram even though you know that the damage is done since the pictures are out there forever.

However,  one thing to relax about is that even though it is true that the pictures are still in the deep web, it is unlikely that anyone will have a reason to do anything with them. Pictures stay on the web so that they are accessible to investigators if necessary.

That means if you are careful, you can still enjoy having sharenting moments.

How to Exercise Caution While Sharing Pictures of Your Toddler Online

There are steps to take to make sure that your pictures are shared in a safer way.

  • Check your privacy settings. Facebook has a feature where you can share certain things with a group of people who you know and trust. If you want to share pictures of your kids, you will want to utilize this feature. Go into your Facebook privacy settings to find out more. You will want to make sure that you create lists of your friends who fall into this category. This way you can still share pictures of your toddler but in a safe way. The same goes for setting your Instagram account to private and not allowing any random followers who you don’t know to receive access.
  • Never share your location. Make sure your location settings on your social media platforms are turned off! This way, no one can find out where you live and discover where you are.
  • Be mindful of what you share. Even if you set your privacy settings up, you won’t want to share embarrassing pictures of your toddler to your friends because you may think it is funny. There is always that chance when your toddler becomes a teenager, he or she could encounter someone who you know now that tells him or her about the fact that there was an embarrassing picture that you had shared online. Your kids will grow and get older and make discoveries that you may not think are a big deal. But, to your kids, they will be.

Now that you are aware of the dangers of posting pictures online, you know what to do in order to minimize any dangers by keeping the pictures that you share set to private. You can always go to the Facebook and Instagram’s FAQ’s on privacy settings as well. Enjoy your toddlers’ accomplishments, but be mindful when you share pictures of them with others!

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