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Take Your Kid to Work Day – April 26

On the fourth Thursday of each April, at least 37 million Americans at over 3.5 million workplaces participate in the take your kid to work day movement. The bring your child to work day 2018 falls on April 26, and this is an exciting time for your child, and for you a little- or you may feel some dread by allowing your child to join you at work.                                  

You are probably concerned about the possibility of your child embarrassing you without intending to at all. Or you may be worried that something could go wrong. If you are worried, there is no need to because since April 26 is all about allowing your children to come to work with you- your employer will expect issues to come up!

In order to help make the day smoother, let’s talk about some Do’s and Don’ts:

Take Your Kid to Work Day Do’s

There are some tips to utilize when taking your kid to work with you and you will want to make sure that the following is done before the big day happens.

  • Talk to your child the night before about the upcoming day. Ask your child what he or she plans to learn from participating in this movement, and find out what he or she hopes to get it out the day.
  • Talk to other parents. Ask your friends who have had their kids participate in this movement, and find out how their kids were during that day. Be sure to ask as well what part of the day that their kids enjoyed the most, and what part of the day did they not like. They may give you some excellent advice.
  • Speak to your colleagues about your plan. If your child is going to participate in the bring your child to work day 2018  movement, you need to give your coworkers a heads up about the fact that your child is going to be with you on that day. Perhaps they are also in the same boat. Maybe their kids and your child will hang out together. Either way, let them know what you are planning to do.
  • Invite other kids to come. If you have a niece or nephew that is interested in joining you for that day, invite them along as well. They may enjoy the experience.
  • Let your kid know about your expectations. If your child is coming with you to work, you need to let your child know what kind of behavior is acceptable and what isn’t. Make sure you discuss it with your kid the night before so it is fresh.

Now you are aware of what to do with your child that is coming with you to work, you also need to know what not to do:

Take Your Kid to Work Day Dont’s

  • Don’t force your child to participate. If your child really does not want to come to with you to work, don’t make him or she go. This is supposed to be a fun and enlightening experience and if your child is not ready to go with you, then your child is not mature enough to get anything out of the day.
  • Don’t keep your child away from your colleagues. Part of the experience that your child wants to gain from the day is meeting your co-workers. Allow your child to meet them quickly. They will be happy to take some time out of their day to speak with your child for a few minutes.
  • Never ignore your child or make him or she feel uncomfortable. If you end up getting caught up in your work and ignoring your child, that will defeat the purpose of him or her being there with you. You have to make sure your child is happy and comfortable with you at work.
  • Never be negative, but be real. If you end up having a rough time with a client on that day, don’t show your anger and frustration with your child present. That will only make your kid fearful of working! That is not what you want to see happen! At the same time, you can calmly discuss with your child that you had a problem but also point out that the issue can be resolved. This way, your child will realize that work is not all fun and games but at the same time, not a scary thing.

Now that you are aware of some do’s and don’ts for the bring your child to work day 2018 on April 26, you will need to make sure if your child is really ready to participate in the movement. If so, then you know exactly what to expect for yourself and for your child.

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