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The Danger of Chemicals Around Children

Chemicals are used in everyday life – in household cleaners, paints, pest poisons, pet treatments, cosmetics, etc. While some may be beneficial, they can also pose risks and can cause serious harm or damage to your child if exposed.

Children don’t necessarily see the danger in everyday items, all they see is something bright or maybe shiny to play with and put in their mouths. While these typical household items may be fine for you, child’s system is far more vulnerable than that of an adult’s and can sustain serious and long term damage from chemical exposure.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 90% of child poisonings happen in the home and around 12,000 kids under the age of 5 are treated in emergency rooms each year for exposure to household cleaning products. Unfortunately, fatalities are not the only risk to chemical exposure: permanent damage and long-term disabilities can result since children have smaller and immature organs and are more sensitive to toxins.

Preventing injuries related to harmful household products is simple and merely involves taking certain steps and precautions to ensure that your child does not have access to or potential exposure to dangerous chemicals. Follow these tips to provide a safe and happy environment for your child:

  1. Lock It Up: There are a plethora of safety devices on the market that can aid in keeping harmful household products locked away. Toddlers are curious by nature, and are often great at accessing areas you thought they could not access. Also, the containers chemicals are stored in are typically bright and colorful – an undeniable toddler magnet. Keep all chemicals and harmful toxins locked away or up high where they cannot be reached.
  2. Put It Away Right Away: Children are notoriously fast and in the blink of an eye they could possibly ingest that bleach you left on the counter while you were mopping. Be proactive in keeping your children away from harmful chemicals by putting them up or away as soon as you are finished with them and as soon as they are purchased.
  3. Keep Chemicals in Original Containers: While it may be tempting to transfer harmful household products to fancy containers, it is important to keep them in the original container that provides necessary safety information. Aesthetically pleasing containers may also be more appealing to curious youngsters.
  4. Read the Label: Speaking of safety information, it is crucial that you read the labels of every harmful household product you keep in your home. Labels not only provide instructions for using the product but also information about potential harm the product could cause, actions to prevent accidents (such as “keep away from children”) and emergency information should exposure or ingestion occur.

The dangers of harmful household products are preventable ones and with some insight and proactive behavior, you can simply and effectively keep your children safe. Exposure to chemical harm is not a risk any parent should be willing to take. Want more safety tips and toddler tricks? Like us on Facebook (/peacefulparentsusa), follow us on Instagram (@peacefulparentsusa) and on Twitter (@parents_usa). We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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