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Tips for Toy Buying – Safety Recall Awareness

When you are wanting to buy a little surprise for your little one, the first thing that comes to your mind is that whether or not your gift for your toddler will please him or her. After all, you only want to see your child happy after you spend your hard-earned cash on a toy that you think that he or she will love! Of course, you want to please your baby- but you also want to make sure that your baby is safe as well. That is why it is important to be aware of any possible hazards that a new toy could bring. When you are choosing a gift for your toddler, you need to be fully aware of these toy safety tips that will be discussed below:

Always Pick Toys That Are Age Appropriate

This tip is extremely easy to follow since most toys have a sticker that says what the recommended age is for the particular toy. However, you cannot always go by this guideline. If your child has autism or has another type of developmental delay, what may be appropriate for a typical 3-year- old would also be appropriate for a 7-year-old child with special needs.

For instance, toys that have projectiles are not appropriate for kids that are 3 and under, and even some typical 6-year-olds would not be safe around these types of toys. If your child also puts things in his or her mouth, you need to be careful as well whenever it comes to buying games or toys with small parts.

Be Sure to Check if the Toy is Well Made

Another important toy safety tip is checking the condition of the toy, especially if they are older whether you purchase them from flea markets, garage sales or if they are passed down from family or even friends. Old toys that are falling apart will be dangerous for your young kids! Here are things to check when either accepting a toy from a friend or family member or buying a new or old toy:

  • Check for anything that can be easily chewed off. That means if the toy has ribbons, batteries, buttons, beads or plastic parts- then it is not safe for a child under 3, or an older child with special needs. These are most definitely choking hazards and the batteries are incredibly dangerous as well if they are ingested.
  • Make sure there are no sharp edges. Toys that have sharp edges at all are not suitable for young children to play with because they can cut and injure easily. Toys that are meant for kids even 6 and under are safely made that don’t have this problem.
  • Always be sure that stuffed animals are completely intact. Stuffed animals that have their tails coming off or have holes in them will end up being ripped apart further if played with. That will cause the stuffing to come out which is also a choking hazard. If you want to put stuffed animals in your toddler’s room for decoration, it is best to put it on top of the dresser that cannot be reached. It is not a good idea for a child aged 3 and under to sleep with plushies for this reason. Even if they are intact and well-made.

Buy Bigger Toys

This toy safety tip is a very easy one. If your child is 3 and you see a toy without any parts or that can be easily damaged larger than his or her mouth- it is safe!

Never Get Your Child Balloons

Even though balloons are a fun decoration, they are also a serious choking hazard. Broken and uninflated balloons are very hazardous for young children to be around. If you are decorating your home with balloons and you are throwing a birthday party for your toddler- that is fine as long as you immediately throw a balloon out if it breaks or if it is not inflated.

Now that you have these toy safety tips in front of you, you now will have a better understanding what toys to buy your toddler or child that will be safe- and that you won’t have to worry about causing harm to your little one!

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