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Top 10 “Good Habits” to Teach Your Child from an Early Age

The fact of the matter is that your child is never really too young to learn great habits. In fact, teaching good habits for your child early on will be ingrained into them and they will end up becoming kind, responsible and well-rounded adults. That is the best thing that we want for our kids to become at the end of the day.

It is fine to have aspirations and dreams for your kids to end up with a good career, a good life and to have a family of their own. However, the priority should be for parents is to teach their kids excellent habits so they can carry those on throughout their lives. That, in the end, will make them successful regardless of what kind of job or career they end up with.  Let’s take a look at the top 10 good habits to teach your child at an early age:

good habits for childHealthy eating. This one is incredibly important to teach kids early on. You have to provide them healthy foods at a young age and they will become used to it. They should also enjoy having a treat every now and then to teach them that there is no “good” or “bad” food. And it is okay to enjoy something on the unhealthy side once in a great while so they don’t end up becoming too curious about it if they feel deprived later on- and ditch their healthy eating habits. 



good habits for childBrushing their teeth twice a day. Kids need to learn about taking care of themselves and their personal hygiene. Kids will put off brushing their teeth. However, if they are properly educated about the importance of brushing and flossing and what will happen to their teeth if they don’t do any of it- they will be inclined to take care of their teeth.




good habits for childGoing to sleep on time. Establishing a good sleep pattern is essential for toddlers, and once they become older, they will have to learn to go to bed early because they have to rise early the next day to go to school- and get them to understand that once they are older they will need to keep the same kind of schedule because they will eventually go to work and wake up at the same time.




good habits for childCleaning their room. It is never too early to teach kids to clean their rooms because they will learn to be responsible with their belongings and to put those away when they are no longer using them. This good habit for these kids will also teach them organizational skills which is crucial to their lives.





good habits for childBeing responsible with money. Kids need to learn the value of the dollar as early on as age 3, or if they are developmentally advanced, even younger. You can give them allowance for doing house chores, and they can spend it on something they really want such as a new toy. Encourage your kids to save as well so they don’t spend all of their allowances at once.




good habits for child

Being polite. It is never to early to teach your kids “please” and “thank you” because they will keep these polite habits as they become older, and will be seen as having very good manners and appreciative.





good habits for child

Sharing. Teaching kids at a very early age this habit is very important. When kids learn to share, they are also developing empathy towards others and helping them understand their own emotions as well.





good habits for childNot littering. If you teach your kids early on about how important it is to help conserve the environment by telling them to throw empty water bottles in the recycling box, and to throw garbage into the trash can- they will most definitely learn that quickly. They need to understand that throwing garbage on the ground is what hurts the environment and that is littering. If you have been doing that, you need to practice what you preach and help conserve the environment too. Your kids are watching every move you make!




good habits for childExercising. Just like it is important for your kids to eat healthy, they also need to understand why it is unhealthy for them to not move. Encourage them to play outside and anything else that will prevent them from living a sedentary life.





good habits for childReading. Since toddlers are too young to read themselves, then it is important for you to read to your toddlers often. Once your child is old enough to read, then it is important that they are encouraged to read as often as possible. Daily reading will help your kids develop communication skills, vocabulary, and visualization skills! This will increase their overall intelligence as well.



These good habits for your child are incredibly easy to teach them and they will pick it up fast. If you are consistent with teaching them these great habits- they will be off to a great start in life!

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