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Top 10 Tips for the Busy Single Mom

First of all, let’s start off by saying. You’re doing an AMAZING job. Being a single parent is one of the toughest jobs around, perhaps even the most draining job, but highly rewarding at the same time. The daily pressures of family life can be incredibly any peace of mind as well as energy, and the goal is to find serenity amid the chaos. Then to hold onto any peace there is for more than a fleeting moment. Here are 10 tips from experts on how to be a successful single mother:

1. Become an Early Riser

The last thing you want to do is get up any earlier than you probably do. However, it is suggested that if you get up 15 minutes before the kids wake up to do a little yoga, or read something inspiring, and think about how you can achieve having a balanced day-

then it will help you tremendously. If you want to just simply lie and bed and do some deep breathing, that works as well. The key is to wake up earlier so you have time to yourself and make excellent use of it before getting on with the busy day!

2. Be Sure to Unplug

Unfortunately, most people are used to noise. Between the telephone, the radio, the television, the smartphone, there is pure noise which definitely can increase stress levels. Take some time to unplug and cut that noise out, even if it is for an hour an evening or during the day when your kids are at school. Pick up a light-hearted book and read during that time. You will be calmer just from doing that alone, and the more you make a habit of unplugging, you will have discovered another method of how to be a successful single mother.

3. Remember that There is No Time Like the Present

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about the future and what could possibly go wrong? Are you dwelling on something horrible that happened in your past? Whenever you are focusing on the future or the past, you are going to be more prone to being anxious or depressed! If you can focus on what you are doing at this very moment, and make a habit of that, you will feel better and have a clearer head, and become a better planner.

4. Start Small

It is understandable that you are exhausted, and the last thing you feel like doing is making dinner. The best thing to do is not think too much about going into the kitchen to make dinner. Go into the kitchen and get a drink of water, sit for a few minutes, then you can start making small steps to eventually making dinner. Start with the drink, then with the salad, and then after some time, you can focus on dinner. Taking micro-actions are incredibly helpful when it comes to having to face more overwhelming tasks.

5. Become Adaptable

Are you easily upset if dinner is not served at exactly 5:30 pm? Do you freak out if you are not able to bathe your kids at exactly 7 pm? If so, then you will have to start finding a way to not be so strict with doing those tasks at the exact time. Yes, keeping a routine for your kids is important. But it does not have to happen right at the same time literally every day. If you are calmer about doing these tasks a little later or earlier than your ideal times- you will be so much calmer which is another step to take on how to be a successful single mother.

6. Keep Talking it Out

If you talk out your feelings and no one is around, that is incredibly healthy! In fact, talking about how you feel regardless of whether anyone is around or not is healing. By doing that, you help develop that inner voice that encourages you to call someone for help if you are sick to do anything! It may be your family if you are fortunate enough to have any that live by you or that is helpful, a friend or a babysitter. That said, if you don’t have anyone around to help, that inner voice will encourage you to look for someone.

7. Laugh a Bit

It is easy to become incredibly annoyed at things that can go wrong whether you accidentally burned dinner, your kids plugged up the toilet, or the dog got into the mud outside and dirtied up the house. However, if you learn to laugh at these things or anything else that may be annoying then it can help you calm down. Humor is healing.

8. Take Breaks When Needed

You need to accept the fact that you simply cannot finish every little thing on your”to do” lists.If you try to cram in everything at once without taking any breaks, you will end up stressed and eventually non-functional. You are a single mother and you are doing the most stressful job in the world! You need to take breaks during the day. Take 15-minute breaks every 45 minutes to just read, have some tea, meditate or do some deep breathing. Schedule these breaks in if you must, but be sure to have them.

9. Delegate

Asking others for help was already discussed after finding your inner voice. However, you simply cannot take care of your kids on your own 24/7 and you will need some help. If you have no family around that can help, and your friends are not around or cannot help, you will want to ask your local church, synagogue or mosque for contacts of those who can help you during times when you need to delegate. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child, and you are not a village.

10. Take Time Off

It was mentioned before that breaks during the day are necessary to take in order to keep you functional and calm. However, you need to arrange a day away from your kids here and there. You need those prolonged breaks every now and then or else you will end up staying as an unhappy and stressed out single mother.

You are busy, and you are going to be stressed if you don’t take any time for yourself or use any tips mentioned above. Following these tips will help you know how to be a successful single mother: Make a habit of these, and your life will be less hectic and calmer in time.

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